Rendering a rotation

In this post, I discussed the feasibility of a Rend rotation. The following is an example of a rotation. It’s by no means the only one, and it may prove less ideal than others, but its my initial idea for a Rend rotation. The assumtion is an unglyphed Rend.

You will note that it’s only 16s long. The reason is, that two full CD’s of WW takes 16 seconds. BT comes off CD after 16.5, but due to the GCD, it cant be used before 17.5s, which is essentially the same situation as at 1.5s.

  • 0s: WW
  • 1.5s: BT
  • 3s: Rend
  • 4.5s: (Slam)
  • 6.5s: BT
  • 8s: WW
  • 9.5s: (Slam)
  • 11.5s: BT
  • 13s: (Slam)
  • 14.5: Free GCD
  • 16s: WW

Rend will be up for 15/16ths of this rotation, following the initial 3s delay. Bloodsurge procs that occur between 14.5s and 15.5s will run out, due to the application of WW, BT and Rend at the beginning of the rotation.

To be viable for inclusion in the rotation, Rend would have to make up for the potentially lost Slam. Since the Rend rage cost is double that of Slam, from a pure damage/rage perspective, it should do double the damage to break even.

Assuming an AP of 3300 and using the Demise (happens to be my current MH), furthermore assuming an unglyphed and non-improved Rend, we get the following values:

Slam: 1728 damage (115.2 damage/rage)
Rend: 1858 damage (61.9 damage/rage)

Not much of a competition really. But the Slam we are losing has only a 20% chance of occurring. Furthermore, we have to subtract the chances of it proccing off the subsequent WW and BT, both of which would negate the proc by overwriting it. Hence, the probability is 12.8%. So over a sufficient number of rotations, the resulting damage is:

Slam: 0.128×1728=221.2 damage
Rend: 1858 damage

This translates into the following DPS increase:

Slam: 13.8
Rend: 116.1

While Slams damage/rage ratio is still better than Rend, it translates into less dps due to the proccing nature of Bloodsurge. It is furthermore only relevant to procs occurring in the 1s window between 14.5s and 15.5s, which basically means it has to proc off a HS which hits at some point after 14.5s. If it hits earlier, there is a theoretical possibility of hitting Slam again at 14.5s without delaying the WW.

The keen observer will not that all of this discussion is based on a 1 second window at the end of a rotation. In practical terms, I think its fair to include any HS between 13s and 16s that hits. Even with flurry and haste, it is unlikely to be more than one however, given the weapons speeds of TG warriors.

The tentative conclusion is, that Rend is viable, from a dps point of view, given latencies and reaction times that support it without delaying the normal rotation. So far so good. The last step is to examine the viability from a rage generation viewpoint. So stay tuned for more rending madness.


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