“I don’t tank, I’m DPS”

Prevalent mainly in places like Alterac Valley, but also seen in instances, even in raids. Generally adamant about tanking. It cannot be done, no way. What in blazes am I talking about? Or rather, who am I talking about?

Disclaimer: This is a rant. Nothing more, nothing less. If you think you might be offended, don’t read on.

From the shores of Tanaris, to the hells of Northrend, the warrior is a hardy breed. Born for battle, with a bloodlust second to none, these heavily armoured behemoths turn their enemies to bloody heaps. They wield fearsome weapons and armour. Their screams make their enemies shiver and fear for their sorry lives.

But hand them a shield, and these hardened veterans, these steely eyed grunts, these thundering titans…they go all “Oh is that the time?! I have washing up to do!” and scamper off, or they suddenly develop a huge interest in their toenails. Often have I heard the crickets chirp in Alterac Valley when somebody asked the raid “Who tanks?”

Stop acting like bloody schoolgirls, and start acting like warriors!

It makes me sick to my heart when I hear a warrior utter the magical words “I don’t tank, I’m DPS”. It makes me want to retch, and it makes me want to shout at them to reroll a rogue. Actually, strike that. Not a rogue. Rogues would make better tanks than those sorry excuses for warriors. Ever hear rogues boast about how they evasion tanked a boss?! Some of the warriors I’ve met could learn a thing or three there.

“But we cannae tank lass. We dunnae generate aggro enough, or have th’nice talents!”

Poppycock! You have all the talents you need. You are no main tank for a raid boss, but you are thoroughly able to generate more than enough aggro to tank adequately. As for panic buttons, granted, there could be more, but for most purposes we have enough.

“I say wotwot, I don’t have the gear hip hip.”

Then don’t just stand there. Go get it! It’s all over the place y’know. Seriously though, tanking gear is not hard to come by, especially with the crafted plate stuff. The BOE epics are more than adequate, and they’re not fiendishly expensive.

“Aren’t you just a little uptight about this?”

Yes. Live with it. And prepare to be kicked out of my party if I hear you say the magical words.

Granted, I can understand dps warriors reluctance to tank. Hey, I share it. If I can avoid it, I prefer to let a tank tank, and to each their own. People should do whatever they feel like. However, trying to pretend that the “other” class role doesn’t exist, is simply not on in my book. You’re a warrior, a berserking flurry of steel and spikes…but you’re also a tank, a shield carrying scratching post for the big mean things of Azeroth. If you prefer the title “protector of the weak and robewearing” thats also fine. But you’re still a tank, and no amount of denying, foot stamping, violin playing or other nonsense will change it.

When the need arises, I’m prepared to strap on my sword and board. Why aren’t you?


3 Responses to ““I don’t tank, I’m DPS””

  1. 1 oriniwen
    20/02/2009 at 18:30

    My stance on this is that there are 9 classes in WoW. More than half of them are hybrid classes – including warriors! – and you should be ready at all times to fill each of your hybrid roles in a pinch. I’m not asking my trees to tank KT and I’m not asking my retadins to heal Maly, but if things go really sideways – a truly good raider will be ready to pick up the slack, even if it’s only for a few seconds.

    • 2 Kihara
      23/02/2009 at 10:15

      @Randul: I agree fully on that one. If you’re not mainspec tanking, then you ought to pass for those that are. Conversely, if a mainspec tank could merely sidegrade, but the offspec tank could upgrade, then I’d say that the mainspec tank might be wise to pass. This may be because I’m in a small guild, where we depend on people being able to offspec, simply because we don’t have many backups for any position.

      @Oriniwen: Exactly. It’s amazing what you can get away with by simply equipping your shield and hitting shield wall. Such panic moves do require the healers to be on the ball though, since damage mitigation in dps gear is basically nonexistent. But quick thinking and reacting can save the day.

  2. 20/02/2009 at 20:41

    Ssshhh, those of us who are dedicated don’t really want the weekend warriors snagging our gear for their offsets.

    Seriously though, I’m all for all the dps tanking sometimes, just make sure they know not to roll against tanks for tank items if they aren’t the ones tanking.

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