Don’t scroll too fast through the 3.1 patch notes

You’ll miss the warrior notes. I did. Suddenly I was well into the professions instead. So back up I went, and found this entry (which you can peruse here or here):


  • Blood Frenzy improved to 2/4% increased damage.
  • Heroic Throw missile speed increased.

Compared to the other classes, its eeeever so slightly underwhelming, what they’re doing to warriors. At least off the bat. Remember how ghostcrawler said things will come in waves, and that the initial patch notes aren’t the final ones? So no need to enrage.


Plainly obvious are the missing notes from the initially posted patch notes. This can mean one of several things, and probably a mixture of several.

  1. They don’t want to change things
  2. The changes are far enough from working order that they wont test them yet
  3. None of the above

Re 1, I fear that’s the likely explanation for the stance dance change. Call me negative, but when Blizzard openly admit that they put them up to get a discussion going, and that they can’t currently see how it would improve things, then it’s not a good sign.

Re 2, I believe this is where most of the proposed arms changes are currently hiding. Its the old fiddly job of making sure arms are buffed, but without destroying balance due to too high bursts. 

Re 3, who knows what goes on in the hive mind of the Blizzard designers. They don’t share everything with us, nor do they have to. There may be internal bugs, there may be balancing issues with T9, all those kinds of internal and “under development” issues.

As a fury warrior, there is not much to be found in these patch notes, at least not yet. In fact there’s nothing at all. In its own way, that does leave me feeling a little underwhelmed. However, we are not broken, nor do we have any major dysfunctions, as a class. In fact, we’re pretty peachy just now, so I don’t believe anybody should expect anything major or exciting. However, if Blizzard truly intends to have us be a stance dancing class, which uses abilities across all stances, why not implement something that will at least make furies consider switching to Battle Stance.

Don’t know about you, but I enjoy new toys and a fresh challenge now and again.


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