The DPS commandments – week 2

Time for the second installment of sermons, based on the DPS commandments by Weryl over at DPSPlate. In the interim, numerous commandment sets have sprung up all over various blogs and webpages. I’ll stick to the original, and deliver a long and, most likely, inanely obvious sermon to you. So please, do read on.

II. Do not cause your raidmates to die. In this way, do not allow the healers or wearers-of-cloth to become squished by Lesser Nasties should the Tank ignore them. Your weapon shall be your weapon, but CC shall be your shield in a time of trouble.

We are warriors. We wield big weapons. But when the animal waste product hits the rotating air-delivery apparatus, we must always fall back to our humble origins. Remember our very first Tier-set? Might. It was a tanking set. Remember our very second Tier-set? It was also a tanking set. We used to be a tanking class, with some DPS tacked on, at least judging by our available epics.

In a raid situation, or other group situation, one must never forget the credo “every warrior a tank”. So when it goes badly, it is our duty to whip out the ol’ sword and board and do our best to tank whatever mob runs loose. Or, if we’re supremely confident, dps-tank it. It matters not.

What matters is, that if your tank dies or overlooks something, we’re the next best thing. Especially if we can manage to get an intercept in. 3 seconds of stun is wonderful, both for us and for the squishy person we’ve saved.

In full DPS gear, our avoidance and mitigation is, let’s face it, worse if we were wearing swimsuits. However, we still have a goodly supply of health, usually more than most squishies. Use it. If you manage to get your shield equipped you are much better off. Do it. And then taunt and shield wall, and then shield block. Yes, your health will look like a hyperactive yoyo, but thats not your problem. That’s the healers problem.

At this stage: Apologies to all and any healers reading this. But when a DPS warrior has to emergency tank, they will need healing, and it is your job to provide it. Be warned, that the fury warrior in your party may try such things if your tank goes bellyup.

Ideally, of course, our tanks are both awake and alive, so we’ll never have to emergency tank. But in times of crisis, we can’t just think “not mah probluhm” and DPS on. Give it a spin sometime, it wont hurt (the healer) much, and they will thank you for it.


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