All quiet on the western front

The PTR seems to be chugging along nicely, with loads of changes and playtesting of Ulduar. Only on the warrior front is very quiet. It’s not the only quiet front of course, but warriors had the fewest changes on the original PTR notes of all classes. And despite being promised changes to Arms, and nerfs to Fury, we have yet to actually see them.

Now, Blizzard have an internal testing and tweaking schedule that we don’t know about. So it is likely to be part of a grand scheme of the PTR. Unless…

They still don’t know what they want to change, or they haven’t come up with something that doesn’t break something else in 3 months. More than likely, it’s a mixture of both, and of a tremendous workload yet ahead of Blizzard. Thus we are at the reason why I’ve not posted anything about the upcoming patch of late.

There are no changes worth discussing. All there is currently is speculation and supposition.

And so, dear reader, I have decided not to muse too much until warriors see some official changes. Yes, I know there have been fury changes (10% damage reduction on TG thankyouverymuch), but as much as I could perhaps drone on about it, it wouldn’t make for particularly interesting reading.

Of course, with the 10% damage reduction, there has been talk of a revival of onehanded fury builds. However, the viability can only be speculated upon for now, since we don’t know what changes are yet to come. A onehanded fury build might well use both talents from arms and prot, becoming more like the arms/prot hybrids of yore (31/5/15 anybody?).

All in all, it’s very much a waiting game.


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