Latest PTR fury changes

Posted on BigHitBox on 09 March 2009.

No sooner had I said “there aren’t any changes to warriors” than they actually showed up. They can be perused at leisure here or here.

First up (or in fact down), damage taken in Zerker Stance is down to 105% (down from 110%). So, when the semi-afk fury warrior draws aggro, they will only take slightly less damage. As a PVE oriented fury warrior, I’ll go ahead and say that this change is mostly useless. Healers already deal with the damage we take, mostly at least, so 5% less damage is not going to tip the scales significantly in any direction. Yes, its a buff, but whether the 5k mob Cleave is 5500 or 5250 is hardly going to matter, except in environments where AOE is heavy, like Sapphiron.

Still, one should be grateful for all buffs. So in that sense, I’m happy about it.

The new ability Shattering Throw is clearly a PVP ability, and an arms one at that. Which means we’ll have to lose our precious rage to be able to use it. But there is a 20% reduction in mob armour for 10 seconds at the other end. The question is, will a 20% reduction in a boss’s armour make up for the DPS lost while stance dancing? And the next question is, will it even work on bosses? Questions unanswered as yet.

It’s clear that Blizz are trying to buff things that aren’t Battle Stance, especially for PVP, where warriors have long been favourite whipping boys (and girls). So, it is still the waiting game for the raiders out there.


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