The armoury of yesterday, part 2

As we set our sights on Ulduar and beyond, every raider itches to see the new places, and acquire the new gear. The coveted prize that lies at the end of every instance, apart from the elation of having “beaten the instance” is most likely some bit of kit.

As we glimpse to the future, little do we think of the armoury of yesterday; the once coveted pieces, the once cherished companions to our travels. In this series, we look back, into our armouries, see what lies beneath the dust of disuse.

Heroism (Tier 0.5)

An unassuming human woman, hiding in the throne room of King Magni Bronzebeard of Ironforge, sets off a massive quest chain. Annoyingly long some would say, epic in scope others would say. The name Lord Valthalak will be all too easy to remember by those who did in fact brave the seemingly endless quest.

I am one of the people who cursed and cheered it at the same time. It was a near endless grind. Tanaris, Silithus, Winterspring, Burning Steppes, the infamous Alcaz Island…if there was a highlevel area, you had to grind in it. And often it was either full of nasty mobs, or it was hotly contested, with at least 5-10 other people doing the same thing. Then came the more or less epic fights inside instances. Scholomance, Dire Maul, Stratholme, Lower Blackrock Spire…and the infamous Thelgen fight in Blackrock Depths. When Blizzard made mobs that acted like PVP’ing players.

And finally…the Spire, the Upper Spire. When one managed to get 10 people together for the fight, and managed to get to the Beasts room. Then, and only then, could one fight Lord Valthalak. At first, people were more than willing to help. Later, when the Lords infamous ability to wipe groups had become common knowledge, it became harder to find volunteers. In the words of Nexus Prince Shaffar: “An epic battle! How exciting!”

Epic, yes. Exciting…after 15 wipes, hardly. But eventually, we killed him.

The end result speaks for itself. A set that looks, in my opinion, every bit as good as Valor and is as rare as T3 used to be. While it is, in fact, probably not the rarest set, it remains one of the hardest sets to assemble. These days, it can most likely be soloed, but one still has to brave the RNG to get the original tier 0 to upgrade. And for a set that’s essentially only for looks, you have to be really bored to do it these days. Still, you might actually get a set together that very few people (still) have.

Heroism, as a set, was too mixed up. It had both DPS and tanking stats, but the individual pieces were mostly “pure” tanking or DPS. Was it worth the effort? Yes it was. At the end of an arduous and tough journey, there were some solid epics and a sense of accomplishment. I’m proud to say I still have my set in the bank.


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