Fury changes in build 9684

In actual fact, it is only one change, namely:

  • Titan’s Grip now reduces your physical damage done by 10% when dual-wielding two-handed weapons.

It looks to be a relatively simple tightening up of the tooltip for Titan’s Grip. But it does raise some questions, even if it answers the question “can I still dual-wield one-handers without penalty?”

Does it mean, that we can dual-wield a two-hander and a one-hander and have no penalty? The loss in stats from off-handing a one-hander might well be worth the loss of 10% damage penalty.

Before we get all giddy about circumventing the penalty, let’s take a step back and analyse the situation however. Blizzard believes warriors do too much damage, partially because of the way our talents are distributed. The natural consequence is to introduce a penalty to our 51-point talent.

As with every other “law”, there are two aspects to it, the word and the spirit. In this case, the word is “dual-wielding two-handers” (lightly paraphrased). It indicates more than one two-handed weapon.

The spirit however, is, I’m sad to say, quite different, at least it looks that way to me. I think Blizzard are going to whack us over the head with the 2h+1h combos as well, giving us the penalty whenever we’re off-handing something that is not a shield.

Of course, this is speculation. Nobody has tested it properly yet. However, if Blizzard wants to bring warrior DPS down (and they do), they wont allow us the 2h+1h combo unpenalised unless equipping a one-hander reduces your DPS enough through the loss of stats (and weapon damage/rage generation). In either case, our DPS still goes down.


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