The DPS commandments – week 4

Following the template from the previous 3 sermons, this weeks topic is:

IV. Focus your Fire by assisting and following the kill order. ALWAYS.

A commandment that doesn’t really need much analysis. It’s really that simple: follow the dotted line, or in the case of raid markings, the order of the floating winegums.

Except, life is not always that simple. Eh wot? Did I just dare utter my slight disagreement with the commandment? Short answer: Yes ,with a but…

Long answer: No, with a however…

99.9% of the time, any melee DPS’er will not go outside the kill order, and they shouldn’t. If they do, they’re likely to get killed and/or get other people killed, i.e. not be worth their salt. And to those that say “But Imma offtank, so I needs to have aggro to save teh healurs” I reply: “Then why arent you bloody in tanking gear?”

There is, quite honestly, no excuse for melee DPS’ers to not follow the kill order. Unless you see something that the tank doesn’t, and you move to temporarily save the healer from certain death. In other words, if the tank is really unable to cope, due to either being CC’ed or dead or whatever, it is okay for you to neglect the kill order. Melee DPS’ers are more resilient than most casters and healers, so we will last those few seconds longer than they will.

Now, you can argue that ranged people have all the CC in the world, so why can’t they deal with it? They can. And if they’re worth their salt, they will. But sometimes, you do have that poor healer who needs to survive, and there are no others to help. Hello emergency offtank.

The lesson to be learnt from this week is: be disciplined, but alert.


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