The Throne Of Lies

Everybodies favourite crab monster ventured into yet another thread yesterday. I don’t know about you, but it did make me think about the near-Sisyphean task that Ghostcrawler has undertaken by posting on the forums, reading and replying to thousands of fans.

Blizzard have reiterated countless times that a “blue post” in a thread does not mean its the only one they read. And they’ve reiterated that people should not take things out of context. Of course, that’s exactly what happens. People take things out of context, ask unrelated questions, do generally silly and/or stupid things, which then consequently mucks things up and clutters useful posts with random garbage and trolling.

Now, asking people to stop acting like trolls, leprechauns, or beavers isn’t going to work. And indeed, it would stop people from exercising their freedom of speech, which the internet gives us a playground for. So we come to the crux of the matter: Ghostcrawler has taken it upon himself to do the impossible, to fight the windmills while rolling the stone up the hill. He is attempting to discuss, post information and give the fans what they want, despite many of these fans doing their utmost to muck it up, or even do things that would cause lesser people to give up and say “I give up. I’m not going to waste my time.”

What’s the point of this rambling of mine then? So far there has been nothing but restatement of old facts. If you scoot over to the bluetracked thread I linked above, you’ll see a Ghostcrawler speak his mind about things. He explains how hopeless the task is, how much detail people get into over things probably taken out of context.


No matter what Ghostcrawler says, does, or posts, people will misquote him and take it out of context, either through ignorance, or to further their own message. And no matter how hard he may try, it’s never going to be good enough for some people.

When did people on the internet shed their regard for reason and sensibility, and start demanding without giving? When did people forget that Ghostcrawler is a man, not a demi god. The internet cloaks us in anonymity, frees us from the shackles of courtesy and good behaviour, allows us to act like the bloody spoiled kids that we are. It’s an anarchistic and rebellious society, with people from all over the spectrum.

The point here, to keep well in mind when harcelating over Blizzards lack of attention or cruel and evil behaviour towards your class, is that: They are not demanding that their forum visitors stick to a draconian forum code, nor do they demand proper punctuation or grammar (although it certainly helps). Ghostcrawler meets us all on the factory floor, on our terms, sifting through our garbage. So who are we to bicker, whine, and complain about when and where he does it?

The linked thread contains some pretty sensible statements from our favourite crab monster. These statements, while humourous and flippant, do hint at an underlying message. That perhaps even Ghostcrawler might tire of the constant, let’s be blunt, trash that permeates the forums, that he might be at his wits end and not know how to reply to all of the pointlessness. Will Ghostcrawler one day throw in the towel? Your guess is as good as mine. I personally doubt it very much, since they are clearly getting good feedback inbetween…but why risk it?



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