T9 set bonuses

The set bonuses for T9 have been unveiled:

  • Berserker Stance grants an additional 2% critical strike chance, and Battle Stance grants an additional 6% armor penetration.
  • Increases the critical strike chance of your Slam and Execute abilities by 5%.

Where T8 is all about ArPen and Str, we are returning to Crit Rating as being richly represented on our gear. This is much in keeeping with the comments made by our favourite crab monster that Tiers converge towards the “best” gear at the end of an expansion.

But I digress, let’s take a look at the tier bonuses in detail. Unlike some previous set bonuses, they aren’t convoluted at all. 2% crit chance is very much a boost to DPS, no two ways about it. Numbers will reveal when it is sensible to break your previous set bonus (if you have any), but if you only have the 2-piece bonus from T8, I would be tempted to switch as soon as possible. The 4-piece T8 bonus is better than the 2-piece T9 if your BT accounts for more than 20% of your total damage, all other things being equal. Note, this is pure napkin math and only takes the bonuses themselves into account.

The 4-piece T9 bonus is the dark horse of the two. Yes, it boosts Slam, but thanks to the BT changes, there is now less time for Slams without delaying either BT or WW. The boost to Execute might help to make Execute spam a viable alternative. The key word here is “might”. More on this when I find actual hard numbers to prove one way or the other.


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