Furious addons – Omen and Recount

Right, so I set out to present the addons I use for playing fury. Now, the two addons I’ll talk about today are so integrated into raiding that everybody should know about them. And moreover, everybody should be familiar with them. So arguably, I’m wasting my time…and yours too, by telling you about them.

Instead of talking about what Omen and Recount do for a living, I’ll discuss their value in a raiding situation. More precisely, I’ll ask the question: “Do these venerable veterans, these old faithfuls amongst addons, do they even have a place in your addon suite at all?”

Eh wot? How can I say that they’re not worthwhile to use? The answer is, I havent really said that…not directly anyway. So let’s get on with it shall we.

The basic premise of Omen is to show you how close you are to grabbing aggro. In the old days Omen could show you your threat level on all mobs in the surrounding area. Blizzard rather neatly cut that out from under Omens legs when they introduced their own ingame threat meter.

So essentially, Omen displays the raw data from the Blizzard API while the Blizzard threatmeter shows you the polished data. Aside from a few scaling factors, we get exactly the same data. Roughly speaking, Omen is now more about presentation and less about distinct functionality. If you’re the person who prefers bars and numbers, then Omen is for you, but if you prefer the green/yellow/red dot system of Blizzards UI, then there isn’t a distinct need in my mind. Alternatively, there is the Simple Threat Meter which shows you a single vertical aggro bar. Essentially its the bar version of Blizzards threat indicator.

The advantage of Omen is that the extra numbers gives you extra details. You can see what everybody else is doing, something that can be valuable in some fights. As a part time tank, I can furthermore add that the TPS readout of Omen is a nice indicator of who is going to overtake you soon, in situations where you’re only marginally ahead for some reason.

Onwards to Recount. Recount is a damage meter, but it isn’t limited to that. In fact, I’d say that damage meter is a misleading thing to call it, since it’s more of an analysis tool a la WWS. Does everybody need this feature? Whether you need it or not, is a matter of some debate, but most people can certainly benefit from the post combat analysis options it offers.

As a DPS’er, I can say that “heck yeah, DPS measurements are worth it!”, but I’m not going to, mostly since I like being obnoxious. On a more serious note, a damage/DPS meter is not intended to be a competition tool (even though it always ends up being one). Rather it’s intended to be just that, a yardstick for measuring your performance. “Booohoo, U say that becuz U suXX0rz”. To that I say: “No U”, and go wash my mouth out with soap.

Now, if Recount simply showed DPS or damage bars, I’d say “no, don’t get this”, but seeing as Recount does provide a detailed breakdown of which abilities you’ve used, it helps in more ways than one. It does have a bit of a memory footprint, but then, it does pull a lot of data every second while in use. This data includes hits, glancing blows, crits, misses, all that good stuff that actually tells you (rather than your stats) how you are performing.

So what is the gist of my ramble?


  • Yes if: You like lots of numbers next to your aggro bar (i.e. a detailed readout)
  • No if: You want something as simple as a traffic light


  • Yes if: You care to analyse your performance after combat
  • No if: You just want to go “Is my DPS higher than that other guys?”

Now, if I had just posted that, without the previous nonsense I would’ve saved the internet from yet more junk. Oh well, can’t win them all.


2 Responses to “Furious addons – Omen and Recount”

  1. 1 Phusion
    28/07/2009 at 23:39

    These two are both must-haves in my book.

    Omen – I don’t know how many times I’ve needed Omen to know I was just a few seconds from pulling the boss off the tank. The Patchwerk fight is also a good example where you need to know where you stand with all the other tanks, or else you will probably eat a hateful strike (this has happened to me more times than I would like to admit).

    Recount – I have been using recount less for epeen lately and more for the death recount function, and that is infinitely useful in figuring out WTH happened. And figuring out how the damage of my specials effect my performance.

    • 2 Kihara
      29/07/2009 at 08:30

      In most situations, I use the audio cues from Omen more than I look at the bars themselves. I’ve deliberately set the warning threshold quite low, so that I have time to ease off without catching aggro. But of course, on fights like Patchwerk, where the real thing to keep an eye on is the OT, I’m quite happy that I have the window visible.

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