Icecrown 5-man – weapons

Being the last with the news has its advantages. You don’t have to turn to datamining yourself, you can just pull information off other places. Since 3.3 is purportedly coming on the 9th (or 8th) of this month, it might be time to look at what one can actually get in there.

Naturally enough, weapons are the first thing that come to mind. So let’s have a quick look at the weapons that we may find in the 5-man instance.

Or should I say: weapon

So far, the PTR people have uncovered one single fury weapon in the 5-man instance: the Tyrannical Beheader. While it preserves the status quo from the Coliseum 5-man, where you also found precisely 1 weapon, it does leave me asking the question: “Well, what if you’d prefer slightly different stats? Where’s the choice?” Grumbling aside, let’s look at the stats

  • 129 Strength (258 AP)
  • 92 Haste Rating
  • 53 Armor Penetration (3.44% ArPen)
  • 1 Yellow socket

Compare this to the other two lvl232 weapons, the Reckoning and the Keen Obsidian Edged Blade.


  • 183 AP
  • 112 Agility (1.72% Crit)
  • 62 Haste Rating
  • 86 Armor Penetration (5.59% ArPen)
  • 1 Blue socket

Keen Obsidian Edged Blade

  • 129 Strength (258 AP)
  • 92 Expertise Rating (11.22 Exp)
  • 61 Crit Rating (1.33% Crit)

Looking at the stats distribution, the Beheader falls somewhere inbetween the Reckoning and the OEB. It has the “undesirable” Haste from the Reckoning but has a Socket, as opposed to the OEB from which it gets its Strength. All in all, its an okayish weapon, but I wouldnt swap my Reckoning for it, if I had one that is. If you currently equip an OEB, it might be worth it, but only if you can get those 11 Exp from elsewhere. And even then it is weigning Crit Rating vs ArPen, Haste, and a Socket. It’ll come down to individual gearing.

Overall, the Beheader is solid but not great. It is sure to be an upgrade for the people who’ve not yet had any luck with weapons upgrades in TotCR (like me), but it will not be much of an upgrade otherwise. Of course, if you are running 25-man raids, or heroic 10-man raids, this isn’t an upgrade at all.

Upcoming, a look at the armour drops from the 5-man Icecrown.


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