3.3 this week

And it’s official, being spouted from every news site on the internet: patch 3.3 will hit this week as expected.

New bits of kit, a whole new tier of epics, new encounters, a new grouping interface…there certainly seems to be plenty of stuff to do in this the last major patch of Wrath. Of course, it’ll be a while until we get to face off with Arthas in the Citadel yet due to the gating of the instance.

Warriors need not look much at the patch notes though. There are no fury related updates at all. Either that means that Blizzard are happy with us the way we are now, or that they haven’t yet managed to solve whatever is wrong.

The T10 set bonuses are as follows:

  • (2) Set: When your Deep Wounds ability deals damage you have a 3% chance to gain 16% attack power for 10 sec.
  • (4) Set: You have a 20% chance for your Bloodsurge and Sudden Death talents to grant 2 charges of their effect instead of 1, reduce the global cooldown on Execute or Slam by 0.5 sec, and for the duration of the effect to be increased by 100%.

A simple one, and a not-so-simple one, and quite possibly one of the more interesting set bonuses we’ve seen in a long time. More on that one later though. For now, 3.3 is coming. Bring on the patch day mayhem.


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