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Involuntary breaks that are involuntary

It’s been an age since I’ve been able to post. When I say “been able to” I mean just that. Sure, everybody procrastinates, me included, but recently a lot of things have been happening. In short, I’ve had a bad case of RL (real life).

However, even more things that have happened that cause a lot of those things to go quiet. So it’s, in effect, one step forward and one back. In short: I’m back, and looking to get back into the fray.



What exactly?

What exactly is the purpose of a blog, more to the point, what exactly is the purpose of this blog?

Is this blog going to contain ultimate truths, insightful discussions, cleverness and secrets from beyond? No probably not. Instead it’ll contain most anything relating to fury warriors in World of Warcraft, from theorycrafting to loot discussions. It’ll contain the dread napkin math, opinions, rants, analysis and hopefully links to support what I’m rambling on about.

“Boring, we’ve had it all before. A million and one guides, blogs and other tutorials for doing things. Titan’s Grip isn’t exactly news anymore y’know”

If it were new news, shocking discoveries and exciting datamining you’re here for, then it’s probably better to visit one of the news sites, or theorycrafting forums.  This blog is not here to compete with its own sources of information. But, if you, like me, enjoy dabbling into theorycrafting, pondering the workings of the fury warrior, perhaps even consider switching spec or class, then, dear reader, read on.