By Kihara

Theorycrafting is essentially reverse engineering the formulae and mechanics of WoW. Numerous people throughout the world do this, many of them meticulously gathering data for their models. Much of this work is made public, either via applets, webpages or spreadsheets.

Within the theorycrafting community, there is a good amount of “napkin math”, which unsurprisingly often cuts corners, making assumptions to simplify the calculations, essentially giving up precision for ease and/or quick estimates.

Within the context of this blog, I will be using the findings of other theorycrafters as basis for my calculations. As such, I am grateful for any comments regarding the correctness or, more importantly, falseness of any of my calculations. I am not perfect, so if you spot a mistake, please do bring it to my attention. Bear in mind however, that some of these calculations may be for overview purposes only. If they are, I will endeavour to link to the more indepth analysis for those interested in further study.


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